vehicle-mounted 12v 300bar compressor

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Before use, the first need to add water (Note: not add water not boot .must add water at first) orange plastic pipe is a water pipe. 
Add water to 80 percent, attention to observation, not too much .
Refueling: handle in front of a transparent plastic tube is the fuel pipe. 
If the first time the air bottle does not need to cheer, the second boost need to add 3-4 drops. 3-4 times after the need to add 3-4 drops of lubricants. (Note:  not add oil and silicone oil.)




This yellow oil can not be transported by air ,So I will tell you where to buy, very cheap . the keyword :anti-wear hydraulic oil








































0.45L air tank 7-8minute to 200 bar
only for 0.25-0.5L tank
vehicle mounted
High Pressure Pump Mini PCP Air Compressor 4500 PSI 300 Bar

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