4500PSI 30mpa 300bar pcp pump air compressor 110V 220V high pressure Electric air pump for cylinder 1piece/lot

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Attention,Please read,and you can take Demo video for reference:

1.When you receive the item,need install breathing rod and add engine oil,keep oil in the red level,then can use.


2.Compressor need water control temperature,so it would be better use much water in bucket.Compressor work sometimes later,you can feel water temperature by hand,if it is hot,need put some cooling water.


3.Every time,after fill air,need open two pieces pressure screw,make sure compressor isn’t have pressure,then can turn off the power.


4.Please leave message of the number of plug you need in the order.Or we will send international standard plug.If your plug isn’t the one we show,please send us picture,we will send fitting plug for you.


5.We have 2 kinds compressor:one working at 220-240V,one working at 100-130V.

If customers need compressor working at 100-130V,please leave message in the order,Or we will think you can accept 220-240V,so will ship item at 220-240V.(if need 100-130V,maybe we need take some more times to prepare item,and please extent our shipping time,thanks for understanding)


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