Carette Compressor pcp pump high pressure KALEITE


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Carette Compressor pcp pump high pressure big tank filled air compressor 10L-12L

Speaking of an inflator, many users may shook their heads. What may happen? Maybe when you start using them, you will be unable to move 20 months later. Then you start upstairs and downstairs logistics department, and then the logistics department upstairs , This cycle, to the best simply use the gas return calculations, I believe that many users come to the voice.
Used air compressors all know that the life of direct-compression compressors of 10,000 yuan or less on the market is generally very short, and the service life is only a few tens of hours. Why? This high-pressure piston ring is basically used with tetrafluoroethylene and copper powder, in fact, That is, we often say that the guide material, the price of 100 yuan 1KG, 1KG can do a few hundred. This type of piston ring is mainly used in oil-free air compressors or medium pressure compressors with pressures up to 5 MPA. Pressures in excess of 10 MPA can cause rapid wear and tear. Therefore, it is not difficult for us to find out that this is the reason for the short life span of ordinary straight lines.

1.Energy saving
This soft electric air compressor is only 1100V fortunately. Other electric in the market
Basically 1800-2200W or more.
2. Use
You can work 24/7 without shutdown, technical performance collar, no stuff plug
Ring design, do not have to worry about X pressure, frequent exchange of ring
Annoyance, its host period is over 100 times that of Siemens.
3. Beauty
Internal cooling system does not require you to connect a large bucket for water cooling.
4. Convenience
Our compactor is compact and integrates water cooling and pressure
Shutdown, temperature control, and current over-r
The situation was immediately shut down and the advanced ones were not involved.
S. clean
According to the suction air standard – DIN EN 12021. You get the righteousness
R air.

Carette Compressor pcp pump high pressure 220v


1. Oil and water separation system:
Exhaust air is fully cooled by a two-stage extension line. Air outlet
Located in a relatively high position, which is conducive to collection by a midium filter
Condensed water. Over 10 times the effectiveness of the direct di.
2. Power Transmission:
Compression of the mainframe via v-belt belts, motor and compressor
Separate, thin heat dissipation effect.
3. Low voltage startup technology:
The place where 220V electricity can be found can basically be used.
4. Self-closing function
Oil-resistant anti-seismic pressure gauges are durable and durable. Shut down in time.
5. Arpeggio control:
With 20 times the direct air compressor, the home is quiet.




if my best customer want to buy this like 115v 60hz one please look this:

and thank you very much

Carette Compressor pcp pump high pressure

add Coolant
















this machine fill 6.8,10-12L tank,it is not used be scuba tank,it’s missing air intake  filter

this unit can work long time do not need stop short time because too hot

very big Pressure gauge,it is include auto stop Features


006 motor control box exterior




Oil breathing unit

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Lite version:Without cooler, mid:Without Autostop, high:Autostop


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