Nenhum compressor de 12v 300bar montado em veículo de geração

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a:the battery can not be with the air transport recent,how to

install the  battery .Unscrew the all of  Screws please,then   put the battery in.IMG_20171122_091836 IMG_20171122_091823





cooling fan into a built-in straight blown cylinder, while adding a fan straight blow motor. Better heat dissipation

increase the cylinder temperature display function, the machine running temperature at a glance. Cylinder super 95 degrees need to stop and rest.

increase the fan independent switch, a long time after the operation can be a single fan switch, cooling the machine cooling. So that the machine piston ring life longer.

Machine work video and technical parameters, please refer to the store four generations of machine description, upgraded version of the machine due to heat enhancement, when the air speed assembly time to adjust slightly faster than the four generations.


the air speed problem. Four generations of upgraded version of the reference time is 0.3 liters cylinders 0 to 250bar pressure need 11 minutes or so, 0 to 300bar pressure about 15 minutes or so, other capacity cylinders by volume ratio conversion. After all, the car machine only 300 watts only, like three or four minutes filled with only close to 2000 watts of home large machine. You get on the gas slowly score and what ratio, and then there are valves and other joints have no direct impact on the air pressure and not on the high pressure.

about 90 degrees temperature is the normal temperature of the machine work (the beginning of the work will quickly heat up to the normal range), as long as the thermometer shows no more than 95 degrees can work for a long time. The piston ring can withstand 280 degrees high temperature, safe working temperature only 35%, so do not worry about the temperature brought about by the shortening of life. This temperature is only the cylinder surface temperature, the middle through the high-pressure copper tube heat and high pressure hose and then to the cylinder, the heat has been dispersed more than 90%. A bottle of gas down the gas is only warm it, there is no high temperature to bring the cylinder safety risks.

The machine can easily be pressurized to 300bar reckless to 400bar. The arrival of the test machine can not be charged to 300bar, return or replacement shop all bear the round trip shipping. Something is good or bad is bad where to engage in good and bad when the truth.

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You are welcome to buy the company’s high-pressure inflatable pump, one cooperation  all the  life friends

The generation of products on the basis of the previous generation after 8 months of research and development and stability testing. Finally successful to do not add water

do not add oil. Million rpm to the turbo fan and well-designed intake channel,

Cylinders 360 degrees all-round cool to match the high temperature of 280 degrees Celsius fluorine rubber seals and

Piston ring. Make the machine work for 30 minutes without downtime.

123 class cylinder piston ring all wear automatic compensation design, to avoid the

Traditional water refueling using rubber as a piston ring machine, filling a few bottles of gas on the need to repair

and avoid the security risks: high temperature oil and gas explosion caused by the risk of cylinder explosion

package List

compressor * 1

Battery clip * 2 (red and black)

High pressure tracheal pressure relief assembly * 1

Pressure gauge  Direct clogging plug *1

fast plug in plug Seal ring*many

Instructions for use:

1 normal work requires 11.5-14v DC power supply, 99% off-road vehicles and cars in this range,

The voltage is too high or too low will be to burn the unit

2 The machine is designed with a power cord to remove the terminal. Red connect battery +

black connect  battery-. Please connect correctly, otherwise the cooling fan will not work, resulting in the machine ultra-high temperature pull cylinder. Wiring is completed and the switch is activated to confirm that the fan is operating normally before starting work

3 Connect the high pressure trachea pressure ratio to the quick release port of the relief valve to the machine outlet. And tighten the pressure relief screw to start work.

4 The machine uses the piston ring wear automatic compensation function, each work has a short preheating process, can return to normal work. Each time you start work, you can use a random pressure gauge plug, a 0-200bar test to warm up, confirm the normal pressure on the machine, and then the cylinder inflatable work

5 The machine can not be continuous for more than 30 minutes, to avoid prolonged high load over work

6 The maximum punching of the machine can not exceed 300 bar. Overpressure can cause excessive wear. Recommended the use of 250bar, long-term experiments found that each inflated in the case of 250bar-300bar, the cylinder head check valve seal 3-5 times will be damaged

7 when inflatable finished,one step Deflation, two step remove inflatable head, to prevent the  O type rubber ring out of the plug, the head loss of sealing capacity


1 Please read the instructions before use

2 Please use the process of people on duty, abnormal circumstances, please immediately stop

3 machine used in the process of kaka sound, the higher the pressure this voice is more obvious. Is a normal phenomenon

4 working voltage of 11.5v-14v, continuous working hours not more than 30 minutes

5 use the temperature of more than 95 degrees Celsius need to stop compressor,just turn on fan,  only to take a break

6 fan does not run and the fan inlet is strictly blocked, 2 cases of continuous work will cause overheating

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